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Touching Bases

Greetings fellow detectorists!

Currently working on getting re-located to Florence, OR in the near future. Glad to see this site and some fellow detector enthusiasts. I am currently running a Minelab 4000 for nugget hunting the So. Cal. deserts, a Minelab X-Terra 70 for coin and relic hunting and also have a Tesoro Sandshark P.I. for the So. Cal. beaches.

I assume my beach machine will get very little use, unless the lakes are huntable up there. I have a friend in Sumpter Or, that I might try nugget hunting with. I belong to a few propecting clubs and metal detecting clubs. I'm sure I'll be interested in joining yours when the time comes.

I don't check this site very often, so if you respond, be patient. I will answer all replys. Gary Crabtree
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